• Predictive Marketing

    Use the Data You Already Have

    Prediction Marketing helps you use the data you're already collecting to optimize your marketing and sales efforts. Predictive Analytics helps you understand your customers, so you can make them happier while providing them what they need.

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  • Marketing Optimization

    Stop Wasting Half Your Marketing Budget

    There's an old saying: "You're wasting half of your marketing budget, but you just don't know which half." Predicitve analysis can help you determine exactly where to spend your money to optimize your marketing strategy.

    Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget
  • Increase Your Revenue

    Make Your Data Work For You

    Satisfied customers make happier customers, and they also buy more. We can show you how to use your data to increase your sales while lowering your marketing expenses. We help you increase customer retention, brand loyalty and refine your marketing strategy.

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We work with retailers to help them use line item sales, tickets/orders, and any other data to generate plans to increase sales per customer.


We work with manufacturers to keep inventory and production optimized while keeping lead-times and down-time to an absolute minimum.

Direct Sales

We help direct and inside sales groups proactively sell products to your customers, increasing sales per customer and per order.

All Companies

We help any company that has data. We can use all types of data to help your company make more money. If you have data, we can help!

Prediction Marketing provides predictive analytics services to small and medium sized businesses.

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Your Data is Valuable!

If you have either a simple QuickBooks file or a petabyte scale data warehouse, or anything in-between, Prediction Marketing has the knowledge, skills, and technology to help you make the most of your valuable data.

Give us a call and talk to us. We can discuss all the possibilities that your data can offer. We can help your business increase revenue and focus your marketing efforts to provide the best ROI possible.

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Businesses We Can Help

  • Retail & Resellers
  • Web & eCommerce
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers & Direct Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Finance & Banking
  • And any company with data!
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